Lauren E. White

Lauren E. White

Lauren is the organization’s director of Marketing and Public Relations and serves as the public "face" of Blueprint, engaging in marketing and public relations activities to educate stakeholders and further the mission of the organization. As the organization’s spokesperson, she is its primary point of contact to Greater New Orleans Housing Alliance's Leadership Board which serves as an affordable housing ideas platform for an extensive set of stakeholders in New Orleans. Lauren uses this platform to collaborate with public officials, community leaders, neighborhood associations, culture bearers, financial institutions, policy developers, individuals representing education, philanthropy, hotel and lodging, transportation, green building, criminal justice, special needs advocates, non-profits, real estate developers, and philanthropic partners. Our organization uses this platform to collaborate with other organizations to further our internal strategic goals and to contribute to fulfilling the City’s 10-year purpose to produce a total of 7,500 affordable housing opportunities to combat New Orleans’s housing crisis.

Lauren earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology and marketing from Loyola University New Orleans. She has 19 years of marketing and public relations experience. 

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