Blueprint Investment Fund partnered with Career Online High School (COHS) to provide free tuition to current tenants, age 16 and older, who want to get their high school diploma. Eligible students may enroll in the COHS Diploma Program at any time. The organization places no deadline for this submission.


  • U.S. citizen or legal resident of U.S.
  • Resident in good standing of a property owned, in whole or in part, by Blueprint Investment Fund. 

In Good Standing

For a resident to be eligible to apply for and receive scholarship funds, either for themselves or for any other person residing in their apartment, such resident must be in good standing. Blueprint's management defines "good standing" as current on all rents and fees due on their apartment; no outstanding litigation or arbitration actions between the tenant and their landlord; and no additional concerns presented by the apartment management.


Interested applicants contact Lawrence Williams at lwilliams@blueprintfund.org or by phone at 504-582-9787 to learn about the enrollment process.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long will it take to earn a high school diploma? Up to 18 months, many students can complete the program in 10-12 months.
  2. How much time will it take each week? 10-12 hours per week
  3. How much work is required to earn a high school course credit? A student must complete eight lessons or one semester per week to stay on pace and earn one credit per month.
  4. What are the scholarship requirements? Students must complete the 1st half credit in the first two weeks. This is called Part 1, a pre-requisite course. It is approximately 20 hours of work. It gives students a chance to “test-drive” the program to see if online learning is proper for them. It also offers Blueprint an opportunity to determine if the student has the time, motivation, and commitment to the program. Once a student completes Part 1, they will be enrolled in Part 2. The first 30 days is a probationary period in which Blueprint’s management can drop a non-performing student if they are not staying on pace.
  5. Will students get academic support? Once enrolled in Part 2, each student is assigned an academic coach who will call and arrange a time to get to know the student and their education and career goals. This coach will stay with them the entire time they are in the program. Blueprint expects each student to contact their academic coach regularly, especially if they get “stuck” on a particular subject.
  6. Do students get credit for previously earned high school credits? Most likely, yes. The academic coach will explain how to have transcripts sent and evaluated for credit transfers from your previous high school.

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